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Used to keep track of your series' progress. Episodes of series can be marked as seen and the progress of series can be managed in the My List view.

This is a personal project built because I felt a need to keep track of my series' progress. So, I built this site to do just that. The project is built using test-driven development.


The main focus of this project is on the back-end. The back-end handles CRUD operations on series, seasons and episodes, which is a bit complex, since they are all modified in one request. In addition, there are a few complex queries and cases of information handling in regards to calculating the latest seen episodes for users and the next episode they should watch.

All of the written code is covered with unit and feature tests.

Continuous integration

Travis CI is used to automatically run tests every time a commit has been done. The test results are sent to Codecov, so that code coverage and other test related statistics can be viewed there. If these tests pass, the deployment process is triggered, which uses SSH to log into the DigitalOcean droplet, executes a Git pull in the project folder and runs database migrations.